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The Dita von Teese Glove Collection

Dita von Teese is a fashion icon and burlesque star. Her idea of day to day life is that women should be surrounded with glamour and beauty at all times. Inspired by her own collection of gloves, the Dita von Teese Gloves collection came into being as a labor of love in collaboration with Gaspar Gloves that took almost three years to create. The designs are a combination of emotions, tension, beauty and passion - a reflection of Dita’s inner self. The styles are a testimony to the art of being a woman.

“For me, wearing gloves is an everyday proposition. Beautiful gloves are my secret to add unexpected drama and elegance, effortlessly turning a simple outfit into an extraordinary one.We should feel comfortable in what we’re wearing and feel sexy at the same time. Wearing gloves is a way of maintaining mystery. Know how to be unforgettable, have a sense of adventure, and most importantly, don’t blend in. What makes you different makes you valuable to other people. Glamour is not about natural beauty or youth or being a certain ethnicity. It’s about weaving a web of magic around you. Every woman has the potential to achieve this. I hope you’ll enjoy wearing these gloves as much as I do.”